Beauty school

I had my first day at college yesterday as i was walking to college i felt nerves i know this is normal but its a horrible feeling. I was excited at the same time 1 suppose its the inital walking into the class room, not knowing any1 and who will you sit beside 8 personally am socially akward im as clumsy as hell and in situations like this i overthink way too much and my clumsiness comes out.

Thankfully when i entered the room every1 was so nice and welcoming. I sat down beside a girl Amy, she was extremely shy but so nice and welcoming. Last night we looked at eachothers skin through a magnifying glass with lights on it.

It was amazing to see the skin damage on some of the girls skin due to the use of sunbeds and the premature aging caused by them. Luckily my skin was normal, very slightly dehydrated.

The time flew and it was so much fun due to the fact that we were actually looking at the different types of skin.

I know there is going to be so much to learn but its necessary if i want to bring out my skin care range.

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