Back to basics

I started of my business in the markets i always loved it there, the atmosphere the banter it was amazing. So with the sun shining i decided to go back to my roots and i set up my own little market outside.

The lady next door closes on a saturday so she allowed me to sell outside her shop.

Ive been set up for an hour now and its already been a success. I hope when i make it i will never forget these days and be reminded that a business doesnt need walls and a roof.

I think that picture speaks a thousand words its like something from the 60’s down the moore street markets.

Im actually proud of myself for trying something and im ecstatic it actually worked. I got to chat to new and old customers and sit in the sun while doing so.

Im not going to touch any college work this evening im just going to spend quality time with my husband

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  1. Mel obrien says:

    Love it

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  2. Jayden James says:

    Love the stall especially the real old buggy

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  3. gillian king says:

    Love the pram

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    1. Thank you we are hoping to do it up over the summer


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