Ive been doing way too much,i know how lucky i am living out my dreams. The tiredness is beginning to take its toll on me.

I know i need a good 12 hours sleep and ill be fine, but with so much going on it seems impossible.

Today was a great day i went for lunch with my brother joey to my favourite chinese. We were busy enough in the shop today, the sun was shining, i bought myself some beauty products. All in all it was a great day 😁 to make it even better i payed my tuition fees for my aromatherapy level 3 .

Asif rang me after cricket training and i dont know why but i started to cry..maybe im overwhelmed but i know itd exhaustion there is nothing like extreme tiredness to bring tears to my eyes.

I know im lucky, i know i have an amazing career, i know going to trinity college was a childhood dream of mine, bringing out a skin care range has been a dream since my teens.

Asif talked to me and reminded me how lucky i am to live my dream and how all the tiredness will b worth it in the end.

Ive taken tonight off from studying im going to watch gossip girls and eat junk food.

I dont know about you but when im feeling like this junk food definitely makes me feel so much better.

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  1. Jayden James says:

    Im a cryier too

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    1. I think we all get like that from time to time


  2. gillian king says:

    Love ur honesty

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