Happy Easter to each and everyone of you. We got up early this morning and had a lovely easter breakfast together,which consisted of omelettes, onion rings, potato wedges,toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. Then the easter bunny arrived as you can see there is a lot of easter eggs,im not a big lover of chocolate but i do enjoy an easter egg asif is the chocolate lover in our house.

Asif has a cricket match today, he plays cricket for munster and he loves in so he set off to galway with all his gear. I cleaned the house and we all went to moms house for lunch she always puts on an amazing spread of food for us. She is the worlds greatest cook and nothing beats a mothers cooking,i think she makes it with love.

When i thought the day couldnt get any better my beautiful nephew gave me a card he made in school im so proud,i love him to bits so the card means a lot to me it touched my heart

For the rest of the day im going to watch netflixs and eat junkfood and enjoy every bit of it because tomorrow is going to be the start of my fulk on regime of studying.

Hope you all have a wonderful easter

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