Crystal healing techniques

Crystal Healing Techniques


In this section we will look at how to run a healing with a step by step approach following the
process in a logical order, you will have the chance to learn 9 specific healing techniques that you
can use to run a healing on a client, it is a good idea to do practise runs on yourself, family, an
imaginary client (pretend a pillow is a client !!!- this might sound crazy but it will get you used to the
order that you need to do things and also used to the different procedures.)
26.Prepare The Healing Space
To run a healing session, you need an appropriate space to do it, if you are just setting up
and can’t afford to rent a therapy room, then using a room at home is fine, if you are just
running it on yourself then your bedroom is fine, but you could clear a space in your sitting
room if you wanted to run the healing on a client.
You will be connecting with the crystal kingdom as you run your healing and in order to
make that connection easier you need to take the following steps.
1. Crystals do not like clutter and mess, so clear the space you are working with so that its tidy and clean, they will pick up on the vibration of any object in the room so
don’t leave grandads old socks around !! A clear clean space means their electromagnetic field can vibrate at optimum efficiency.
2. Set up a little altar/table top to put your equipment on, it could be just a coffee table with a cloth or pretty scarf over it.
3. Light at least 1 white candle, having 3 candles lit is the most powerful combinationand is better than 1. Fire burns away negativity and white represents the vibration
of purity. It is also nice to get together a colour collection of candles and you can burn the colour candle of one of the crystals that you are working with, you might even like to buy some coloured tea-light candles which are not expensive and to put those in safe holders around the room you are using, some of them are scented too
which adds to the atmosphere.
4. Bring your cleaned and charged crystal kit into the room. After divining how many or which of the 9 healings you will run, take out the ones you need and put them on the
altar/table top next to the candles so that they are at hand. You might like to keep a printed read up on the properties of each of these crystals so that you can tell your
client or understand for yourself, what this crystal is bringing to the healing. It can be a useful discussion tool when you’ve finished the healing.
You can of course use as many other crystals as you like in your room or on your altar AS WELL as your specific healing crystals.

Remember that you are connecting with the elemental kingdom through the crystals, so it is nice to reinforce that connection by using images of elemental beings, fairies, unicorns, etc
Prepare You
When you are doing a healing, you

are a channelfor the energies to work through you, it is important that you are as energetically clear as possible. You can do this by making sure
you have showered, and you are wearing clean clothes. Without wishing to sound like your
Mum, (you might have heard this before) it is good practise as a lightworker to shower every day and to wear a new set of clean clothes every day. Clothes pick up on smells and energy around them and put a layer of energy around your body especially if they are dirty.
Support yourself energetically by wearing a piece of crystal jewellery, secret tip from a female light worker, some find it easier to put crystals in their bra! Sorry guys, I’m guessing
you could do that too if you can find one that fits!
Before your client turns up for the healing session, set your room up, take 5 minutes just to calm your mind and put the candles on, turn your phone off and turn the music on.
Prepare a healing record, either a piece of paper with their full name at the top and todays date, or you could print up some more professional looking sheets by creating something in Word .

Later today i will let you know what equipment is needed.

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    Thanks for all ur information, keep it up. I am learning alot of you….

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    1. Thank you so much i really appreciate your kind comment


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