Bank holidays

Bank holiday mondays are the greatest you get to have an extra day off work and really relax. Most people are curing a hangover but not me.

I was up early to make sure the boys had breakfast, they ate scrambled eggd and toast. I tidied up the kitchen and washed all there clothes.

Ive alot to study for my crystal healing course as exams are this week. The boys went to play with my nephew so i hit the books and completed my online quiz and passed them happy days 🤗

So the house is clean, clothes washed, kids all fed and happy out.

Ive been studying what was needed gor crystal healing below is the notes from my study.

Equipment Needed

You will need

  • A comfy place for you to sit and a comfy place for your client to lie, reclining chairs with a foot stool, a massage table, a yoga mat with matting on the floor, cushions on the floor. It is important that your client is able to relax while they are having the healing, they will be there for about 30 minutes and very often they drift off to sleep!
  • A light blanket or wrap to put over your client.
  • Enough room to move around your client.
  • Something that you can play music on, an ipod, blue tooth speaker, cd player etc, A way of keeping an eye on the time.
  • Your altar set up with candles, crystals, and elemental beings images, small models.
  • Maybe you could use some light room fragrance spray or you could burn a little white sage or an incense stick. (not compulsory but these things help lift the frequency of a space, beware though, incense isn’t for everyone as it triggers people to release their stuff!)
  • Have a note pad and pen ready.
  • 2 glasses of water one for each of you.

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