Talk about hard work

My parents tell everyone im a hard worker and i suppose they are right ive 2 jobs working approximately 65 hours a week, i attend college and im in clubs.

Yesterday was hard work 24 hours straight it was tough, but yesterday evening after meeting the old man, i got a phone call from my friend she has 2 beautiful boys and in chatting she mentioned how exhausted she is.

It turns out her partner left her, in order to pay the bills she got a job delivering take aways to peoples houses. She works 5pm to 1am and the sad part is she brings her boys to work with her, trying to get them to sleep in the car while she drives from the takeaway to residential areas with food.

Her boys are cold and exhausted having a disturbed sleep night after night.

In my eyes thats real hard work raising your babies on minimum wage fighting to keep your head above water.

Its hard to believe that in 2019 people live like this. It pulls on my heart strings.

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