When you fall on hard times

Lord knows anyone can fall on hard times, for different reasons. Ive been very lucky that no matter how bad things got they have never been so bad.

I was waiting at the meet point today, its where a car comes to pick us up and drive us to the store that we are auditing, today we are working in dublin.

I always try to arrive early so ive time for a cigarette before we go. Today i was early as usual, an old man was standing beside me, i took my cigarettes out of my pocket and i was looking in my bag for a lighter, when he said heres a light.

I offered him a cigarette, he took one and said he wouldn’t of asked for one.

He went on to telk me he was in hospital all day, and he hadnt eaten in 2 days that he is a pensioner and doesnt get paid until friday.

I asked him has he money and he didnt answer, so i asked again, he pretended he didnt hear me. There i was seeing this old man in front of me it could easily of been my father standing in the cold hungry.

My mother always said ” there for the grace of God go i”

I had €10 in my pocket so i took it out and handed it to him, it took a few seconds before he took it off me. He became so emotional it was heart breaking.

He asked me where i worked so he could return it on friday, i asked him to keep it and if he ever seen someone in need he could return the kidness.

He hugged me, thanked me for the money and cigerette, his final word to me was ” you will never know what that meant to me, that €10 is worth more than a thousand” and went off with tears in his eyes.

I never take money with me, so it was his lucky day i decided to grab €10 before i left

Im actually quite upset that €10 could move someone to tears, that in the year 2019 a man would have to go 2 days without food.

If you see someone in need, help them, you never know what difference a small gesture can make to someone else’s life.

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