Happy days

Im super excited today im making my customized cream for my very first client…..Happy Days

I found tea tree oil in the pound shop, ive been using it for months now and its amazing . I stocked up on a couple of bottles today its always handy to have some, for insect bites, scratches and cuts but its perfect to have when your skin breaks out.

Essential oils have been used since tge begining of time, their healing qualities have been well established as for there use in skin and haircare products. So im excited to be bringing out my own range.

Obviously im not qualified yet, but ive been studying extremely hard and put in a massive effort in and out of tge class.

Ive been shopping around looking for the right containers and labels for my range I’ve short listed a few i like now its just to make the final decision. Im eager to tick off some of my new year dreams off my list. So qualifying as an aromatherapist and bringing out my own range would be amazing especially if i accomplished that by the summer.

Today ill b studying/learning all about CBD oil its 1 of the final modules to learn before exams. Ive heard amazing things about this oil, my friends father has Parkinson’s and he started using cbd oil one drop on his tongue daily and he has improved remarkably its like a miracle. There have also been well documented cases in the media of this all curing miracle oil, helping young children to leave seizure free, so im excited to learn about this oil.

Hope you all have a great day ill keep you posted on how my very first custom cream goes and my studies.



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