I feel like a polar bear

Today was bitter cold out, im one of those people thats always cold, even in the summer im cold. Today i felt like an icicle brrrr. As usual im not dressed for the winter with a knee length dress, pink leather jacket with converse boots , so i had to resort to my carpet jacket its the ugliest jacket ive ever seen but its warm.

I went for lunch with my brother Joey today we had a cheeky chinese and it was delicious, we grabbed mom a large taco fries on our way back.

I went to the spiritual gathering last night, i enjoy going every month its something different this time we were doing, protection, grounding and centering.

We were using spiritual candles, stones, runes and meditation. Im not big into the meditation but i love it, i always feel relaxed and refreshed after doing it.

Im going to my younger brothers Adam’s house after work with Joey for tea and biscuits. Then ill meet Asif for dinner. Im off tomorrow and sunday so i cant wait to relax and sleep in

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  1. Jayden James says:

    Its so cold here wishing it was summer already


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