The fake natural look 🤔

My hair extensions arrived today, as soon as i heard the post come in the door i jumped up out of bed, ran down the stairs. They came in beautiful foil packaging. I had ordered 3 different sets from

This is the first time ive ordered from them and the quality seems amazing i cant wait to use them.

The older im getting it seems that my hair is thinning, so extensions give it an extra lift and make it seem fuller.

Im not very good at applying them but i try my best. I suppose practice makes perfect. Thats what i keep telling myself.

I took today off work because im feeling exhausted and also i have an interview next thursday, so im going to spend some time getting everything ready for it.

Most people would say im fairly natural but in reality im not most of my hair is fake, my nails are fake, my eyelashes are mink, my skin colour comes from a bottle and my height is misleading thanks to stilettos.

Its funny for a natual girl alot of me is fake. I think when you spend the time getting the right colour and applying it correctly then it can look natural.

I believe there is nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty.

To be honest i love everything girly but at the same time when im at home you would find me in ugg boots, hair thrown up in a messy bun and not a drop of make up or fake tan on me.

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