Work work work work

I work hard and always have, my mother says im a workaholic, and shes always worried about me.

But the truth is im not a workaholic….i love my shop so when im there i have so much fun, playing with toys, buying new stock…feels like shopping, my customers feel like friends, so i spend my days chatting,laughing and surrounded by beautiful things.

My other job i love too, not so much the job as the people, we laugh alot and gossip even more, and too top it off i get the pleasure of seeing the whole country.


College is my guilty pleasure, i love learning something new, i love the whole college experience ,my friends say ill be a forever student…maybe i will be.

I love aromatherapy, learning about all the essential oils,the healing benefits and im so excited to be making my own face cream.

I spend my night dreaming of the packaging, i already know the name of my brand.

Im studying hard and trying to learn everything so i can be the best aromatherapist ever.

So its not that im addicted to work, its just that i love what i do for a living.

Obviously i get tired, but few early nights and im re-energised.

In short im not really a workaholic im a girl who does what she loves for a living and enjoys every second of it

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