Enjoy every second

As Asif and I have been working so hard we decided on Friday night to go to galway for the night, its one of our favourite places in ireland especially Salthill right at the beach.

It was a magical time away we went to the casinos and played the machines, we played pool ( i won) and fusball, then we went out for a candle lit meal and finished it off with a stroll along the beach. It was heaven to spend time together laughing and joking although we were both exhausted the sea air seemed to have put a spring in our step.


also had my aromatheraphy course were we learned how essential oils are extracted.

– steam distillation

– cold pressing

– solvent extrsction

– resin extraction

It was fascinating to learn all the different ways it can be extracted and we got to watch videos off it too.

I was up at 4.30am this morning gor work, we had a stocktake in a petrol station it went so fast i made it back in time to open my shop.

We got in a massive delivery of handbags and ive fallen in love with them all, i really cant bring another one home as i just bought one last week.

My donut wall arrived and its so pretty and i bought a chocolat fondue set i cant wait for the rest of my goodies to arrive, im excited for this little business venture to take off.

All in all i had a busy week and this week is going to be busier but i love it.

In college this week we will be learning the different grades of essential oils and essential oils verses drugs.

Im trying so hard to study and pay attention in class because when im finished my studies im hoping to bring it into my shop as an added service.

Im so excited for my future and im enjoying everyday as it comes

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