Shine bright like a diamond

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sometimes in life we need to reinvent our selves, sick of having our hair the same way every day, sick of looking the same. for me i love my wardrobe i have everything from business clothes, party clothes, festival clothes, i love to power dress and i wear all of my clothes from casual to business dress, everyday my dress sense is different but as my birthday is approaching i feel like a bit of a change nothing major but something different.

im thinking maybe getting my eyelashes done, investing in hair extensions, maybe even a couple of wigs, a bit of glitter to add some sparkle into my life, as i have the wardrobe to go with everything, maybe get some new glasses something a bit funky.

As im trying new things from book clubs to going to a college in a different county, i want a different look im thinking of buying a couple of different types shoes something really out there maybe like those fish shoes, talk about an ice breaker lol.

so im going to do an overhaul of my look slowly to make sure i do it right and still look the part.

im excited thinking about it and ive bought loads of fashion mags to give me ideas and im enjoying looking through them as Madonna is the queen of reinventing herself im using her as my muse.

watch this space

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