fakebook as i like to call it is amazing we get to post pictures of our dinners out, retouch pictures of ourselves and our friends and make our life look amazing when in reality most of it is fake i have never uploaded a picture of myself with my mascara running down my face, or of my bed hair let alone a dinner i burnt and i most certainly never post about arguments i had with friends or if i get in trouble in work but i do post about my promotions and successes in life.  why is it that we feel the need to share to the world how amazing our life is when its really not that amazing we never post pics of ourselves with puffy eyes from crying or post about having diarrhea.  my friend recently stopped using all forms of social media because looking at how fantastic everyone else lives are, depressed her so much and made her feel like she was a failure in life.  the truth is that we only publish things that make our lives look so much more glamorous than they really are.  it makes me sad to know that life is a game and that we are all playing in it, that someone hitting like on our statuses make us happy.  i am a part of this game i love seeing how many likes my posts and picture

as soon as our mobile alarm goes of in the morning before we even get up out of bed we are opening our facebook page scrolling thgough stories, pictures and checking how many likes our recent post got. That means instead of starting the day with human interaction like saying good morning to your partner, your mother, or even the post man, we start our day interacting with a little plastic gadget.
this means that we have digital relationships we interact with our family and friends more frequently online than we do in real life.
we compare our lives to those of others and Self-comparison can be a strong influence on human behavior and because people tend to display the most positive aspects of their lives on social media, it is possible for an individual to believe their own life compares negatively to what they see presented by others


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