we cant auto-correct life


mr zukerberg i dont mean to disrespect you but you sir have been one of lifes biggest downfalls, we live in a world were we spoil precious moments by recording them on a phone, we have to wait until thursday to post old pictures of ourselves, we cant enjoy meals before we take a snap of it.
we live in a world of I phones, I touch, i mac and i Pads so many I’s so many selfies and not enough us’s and we’s. technology has made us so selfish and separate from the real world as ever before, while it claims to connect us, we have lost the human connection
facebook should be classified to exactly what it is AN ANTI SCOIAL NETWORK, cause while we have large friend lists so many of us are friendless, because friendships are more broken than the world that we live in, we sit at home chatting with people in cyber space, we measure our self worth by the number of likes and followers we have, we ignore those that actually love us, we would rather write an angry post than actually talk to someone who can help us.
i bet you didnt know that the average person spends four years of their life looking down at their phone, its ironic. isnt it, how these touch screens can make us loose touch.
call me crazy but i envision a world we can sit side by side enjoying a coffee and looking into each others eyes not I phones, i want to have real friends not cyber friends, i want to talk to some one not post about it, i want to live in a world with human connection, imagine having a conversation without abbreviations no OMG or FML actual real words, where chats are reduced to snaps, imagine what it would be like to walk down the street and look at the trees instead of our phones, i imagine a world were we smile when we have low batteries so we can be one step closer to humanity

just ask yourself who would you be if you never spent your day on social media? so make a decision put down your phone and today find out who you really are.



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  1. You’ve captured all of my thoughts in a nutshell and I am certain there are many others who’d say the same. Thank you for writing and sharing your letter 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much I really appreciate your comment xx

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