mean girls


bullying and jealousy is an epidemic upon us its nearly like a disease,  recently i have been called nasty names, shouted at, picked on by a certain few girls now i know its pure jealousy that im happy in a happy marriage and surrounded by a family who loves me  also know its because my business was meant to fail and ive just opened my second store, my marriage wasnt meant to last a year and we are still together, so because i work hard im being punished im been bullied by these few girls, girls who want to break me, girls who want to see me cry, these girls i have never done anything to

us women work hard, we make houses homes, we cook, clean, dust , polish, do laundry, iron clothes, organise everything at home, we look after our husbands/boyfriends, raise children, feed our pets, we do grocery shopping, prepare meals, pack lunches the list is endless.

on top of all of that we work, hold down careers, attend college, we make time to see our families, organise lunches, family get together, meet up with friends, then we also try to be fashion models….doing our hair and make up daily, dress the best we can, take selfies, we try to be bloggers, instagram stars, vlogers and everything else of top of it all, we try to compete with other women looking at what they have and try to emulate it.

life is hard, we as women know how tiring life can get, we know how much we all do everyday, how emotional we can get at certain times of the month and we also know how most of what we do goes unnoticed unappreciated, yet knowing all of this we bully other women putting them down, taking that one flaw that she has and pointing it out using it against her, calling each-other ‘Fat, ugly, slut, whore, cheap, lazy, bitch, scum, homewrecker, bad mother, anorexic, alcoholic and lots more’ we see a women and say things like look at the state of her, she has really let herself go, or look at her she thinks she is better than us, we do these things because we are jealous of her clothes, of her beauty of her hair we are jealous of her life.

i cook and clean at home prepare meals, organise romantic dinners, walks in the park, picnics in the woods, i do the laundry, organise our work and personal lives, i do the grocery shopping, look after the cats, clean the fish tank, organise lunches out with friends and family, i attend college and do my assignments, i take the time to do my tan, nails and hair, i put face masks on and take the time to organise my clothes so im dressed well, I work hard i have 4 jobs, my husband has 2 jobs, i spend half the week away working and attending college.

my husband and i try to spend quality time together, romantic meals for two at home, movie nights, going out and just talking over a cup of tea.

we are both fortunate, we have a beautiful peaceful home, we support each other and most importantly we are happy.

as we are so busy we try to fit in as much time as possible to meet up with family and friends, organise lunches and dinners, drinks out and make sure we have quality time with everyone, we take my nephew to MC Donald, play video games with him, pick him up form creche and buy him little gifts.

its hard to balance your work and family life, and juggle your own personal time but somehow we try to make it work

i respect how hard us ladies work, how tiring it is for us and how we juggle everything, i know life isnt always easy, so i cant understand how we waste time and energy to degrade each other

so dont let the haters get you down, hold your head high and love







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